We would like to thank all artists, talents and teams for being involved in our exhibition and now for their kindness in donating work to help us fight Covid-19 and protect the NHS.



 The Covid-19 Urgent Appeal is run by NHS Charities Together, which is the national charity allowed to receive charitable donations on behalf of the NHS. NHS Charities Together represents 140 member NHS charities throughout the UK. Funds raised will help support the health and wellbeing of NHS staff and volunteers supporting COVID-19 patients and support the NHS in ways above and beyond that which core NHS funding can ordinarily provide.



Prints are available for a donation starting at £125 - £175 depending on the size of print.

Approximate sizing is as follows:

Small - 345 x 245mm

Medium - 345 x 490mm

Large - 490 x 690mm

All photographic prints are framed and moulded from the highest quality real black wood & UV Reflective glass.

All 10 prints have been carefully hand made by our kind sponsor GF.SMITH www.gfsmith.com



To contribute to buying a print, please visit the home page and click on the print you are interested in and add to cart. All prints will be available to collect from London when non-essential businesses re-open. Please note shipping is organised with DHL and a price will be sent to you additionally pending size. 

We take all forms of payment including PayPal all proceeds go to NHS Charities Together - Covid-19.



If you would like to donate directly, please click this link




We can be reached by email at:

General enquiries: kat@twin-studio.co.uk or billie@twinfactory.co.uk


Editor in Chief: Becky@twinfactory.co.uk